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Drivers and Team

Perce Neige 2010. Photo by Robert Roaldi

Jeffrey Dowell
Driver, Riverbank Rally Team
Age: 58
Hometown: Windsor, ON
Occupation: Engineering Manager

Jeff has been active in the sport of rallying for four decades. His first national rally was in 1974 as a co-driver. Throughout the 70's Jeff competed in many events including the renowned Canadian Winter Rally and the World Championship Criterium Molson Rallye. He organized the fall classic OVAC Forest Rally in the late 70's. In the mid 80's, Jeff drove in the Jeep Cup series and was twice North American finalist. In 2009, Jeff signed on with the Mitsubishi rally programme driving a new Lancer DE. Jeff, driving Riverbank Mitsubishi Lancer, is the Production Sport champion for 2010 and 2011.

Yavor Klostranec
Co-Driver, Riverbank Rally Team
Age: 60
Hometown: Newmarket, ON
Occupation: Professional Engineer

Yavor's first national rally was in 1970 driving a Triumph Spitfire. He ran a Datsun during the mid 70's with Jeff Dowell and competed in a number of events including the Canadian Winter Rally, Rally of the Rideau Lakes and the World Championship Criterium Molson Rallye. Ten years ago, Yavor returned to rallying in a radical winged truck which became a crowd favourite. In 2002, driving a Nissan and co-driven by son Jesse, Yavor won the driver's championship in the Production P2 class. Co-driving for Jeff and Riverbank Rally Team, Yavor holds the 2010 and 2011 Production Sport co-driver's title. In addition to rallying, Yavor enjoys the old man's hobby of making wine from grapes every October. He is also a master swimmer and competes in selected meets.

Jerry Dowell
Manager, Riverbank Rally Team
Age: 55
Hometown: Perth, ON
Occupation: Collison Repair Centre Owner/Operator

Jerry’s interest in cars and motorsport began as a teenager when he followed his older brothers to rallies, ice races, and road race tracks all over Eastern Canada. Being a part of their service crew heightened his enthusiasm. This enthusiasm continued as Jerry combined his education with his love of cars. Jerry started his career with an Ottawa-based race and rally business. He went on to manage various automotive repair facilities, and presently is the owner-manager of his own collision repair shop. The family tradition is carrying on with Jerry’s sons and their cousins becoming the next generation of rally enthusiasts.

Jason Dowell
Crew Chief, Riverbank Rally Team
Age: 53
Hometown: Gatineau, QC
Occupation: Mechanic

Jason has grown up in a large family of automobile enthusuiasts. For many years Jason has been involved with off-roading and is THE unquestionable authority when it comes to Land Rovers. In the mid 80's, Jason competed in the Jeep Cup series and, with Yavor navigating, he twice qualified as the North American finalist. Later on, with brother Jim co-driving, Jason competed in selected National Rally events driving a Saab. Having Jason as the Crew Chief keeping the Lancer in top condition is a great asset for the Riverbank Rally Team.

Emily Dowell
Co-Driver at large, Riverbank Rally Team
Age: 29
Hometown: Dundas, ON
Occupation: Teaching Instructor

Emily is Jeffery's daughter and, like all other Dowells, she has rallying bubbling through her veins. Emily has co-driven for her father during the initial shakedown events for the Riverbank Lancer including the '09 New England Forest Rally and the '09 Rally of the Tall Pines, both of which she finished. Emily's determination to become a top-level co-driver has had her team with a number of up-and-coming drivers. At the 2010 Baie des Chaleurs, Emily finished second in class co-driving for young rookie Grant Ridell. Emily takes her co-driving very seriously, right down to the special pace-note notebooks and smudge-proof pencil lead.